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Imodium loperamide 2mg
There were the following side effects, which received spontaneous messages (arranged by frequency of occurrence): Very common (? 1/10); Frequently (? 1/100, <1/10); Uncommon (? 1/1000, <1/100); Sometimes (? 1/10000, <1/1000); Very rare (<1/10000), including isolated reports. Immune system: very rarely - hypersensitivity reactions, anaphylactic reactions (including anaphylaxis) and anaphylactoid reactions. Imodium loperamide 2mg Central nervous system: very rare - loss of coordination, loss of consciousness, depression of consciousness, hypertonicity, somnolence, stupor. The part of the vision: rarely - miosis. From the digestive tract: rarely - ileus (including paralytic ileus), megacolon (including toxic megacolon). Skin and appendages: very rare - angioneurotic edema, bullous rash, including Stevens-Johnson syndrome, erythema multiforme and toxic epidermal necrolysis, urticaria and itching. Imodium loperamide 2mg Kidney and urinary system: very rarely - urinary retention. General disorders: very rarely - increased fatigue. Expiration date 5 years. Storage conditions Imodium loperamide 2mg Store at temperatures below 25 ° C out of reach of children. Packaging For 6 or 20 capsules in blister 1 blister in a carton pack. supply: Without prescription.
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