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Biaxin alcohol interaction
BIOXSINE - herbal preparation that is struggling with problems of hair loss.
Statistics indicate that nearly half of the male population is faced with hair loss at the age of 50 years. Male pattern baldness usually begins with twenty-five years and covers 70 of the stronger sex throughout their lives. Regardless of the intensity of the process of hair loss, characteristic of male pattern baldness is hair thinning on the line from the forehead to the crown to form a pronounced bald patches.
At the same time, only one women suffering from hair loss in the chronic progressive form. And, nevertheless, concern about the state of their hair loss and complaints voiced 60 women. Almost all of them are faced with temporary hair loss caused by stress, hormonal and seasonal variations in the body, internal diseases, pregnancy, and even fungal infection of hair. Therefore, when examining the patient, who came with complaints of hair loss, it is necessary to conduct a differential diagnosis between temporary and chronic alopecia.
Application Diagram
In cases of serious hair loss is recommended 3-stage scheme of using serum Bioksin. Each step is to apply the 24 vials (2 packages) serum Bioxsine Bioksin.
biaxin alcohol interaction
Step 1: Intensive course - 48 days Quantity: 1 vials for 2 days, a total of 24 vials (2 packages) This scheme is recommended for beginners. The course concludes after using 24 vials. After completion of the first phase of hair loss is greatly reduced, and significantly improves the quality of hair.
biaxin alcohol interaction
Step 2: Support Courses Duration: 12 weeks, the number of: 2 capsules per week, a total of 24 vials (2 packages) After an intensive phase of support is recommended to start a course that will prevent hair loss. At the end of 12 weeks of weak, thin hair is thick and sturdy. The hair is voluminous, shiny. It creates the conditions for the growth of new hair. At this stage of the dormant follicles appear "yellow fluff."
Step 3: An additional course Duration: 24 weeks, quantity: one ampoule per week, a total of 24 vials (2 packages) While additional course is sufficient to use one vial means Bioksin a week to maintain the results obtained previously.
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